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  BH Foreverwin Logistics Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in internationalfreight forwarding company, company to undertake sea and air transport, railand air transport sea transport and international transport agency business,including import and export Lanhuo, booking, warehousing, 23, devanning LCL,customs clearance, inspection, insurance and other related transport servicesand consulting other services, is a professional international freight ProxyCompanies approved by the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation ofthe people's Republic of China, although the company opened soon, but thecompany is committed to building a good market service consciousness andprofessional service team, centralized management by modernization, the fullimplementation of the office automation, local area network, active use ofscientific management, the international freight forwarding management systemsoftware, implementation of sales, operation, finance and other standardizedservice, return customers with high quality and high efficiency.

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